Q. Why is your phone number not listed?

Several reasons, actually. Since we freelance from home, we work some pretty odd hours, and it’s hard to sync up schedules. We also have small children wandering around in both our homes, so talking on the phone can be fraught with interruptions. Since we both freelance from our separate homes, email is the best way for us to track project discussions. Rest assured that we will send you a detailed questionnaire about your project; also, we check our e-mail promptly and reply in a timely matter to all client concerns and questions. If you would like to schedule one phone call at the beginning of the process, we would be happy to accommodate your request.

Q. How long will my project take to complete?

A. That depends on a few things:

  • our current workload
  • are your photos/visual content/logos/sitemap/areas of content ready to hand off to us?
  • how available will you be to quickly answer questions & give feedback during this time?

We’ll supply you with a schedule so that we can move efficiently through the project.

Q. I don’t know if my existing photos will work well enough for my site/blog.

A. Believe us, we have a LOT of experience with a range of client photography, and we have some great tricks up our sleeves. However, there are some things that we just can’t help with: the photos could be too light (blown-out) or too blurry, for instance; or the photo may be too small for the design. Your best bet is to have us look at your photos so we can give you our professional opinion. Many times, we’ll think up different solutions that might turn out to be better than you expected!

If you don’t have enough photography that is suitable for your site or blog, we’ll suggest low-cost stock photography; since we won’t mark up the price, you’ll have a choice: you can buy it yourself & send it to us, or we can buy it for you and add it onto your final invoice.

Q. I have some photos that need to be retouched. Can you help?

A. We sure can! We’ll need to look at your photos to see the size and condition of the photos while reviewing your photo retouch requests. At that point, we’ll give you a quote to let you know how much time the retouching will take. We charge our hourly rate of $60/hr for photo retouching; please note that photo resizing or cropping is already included in your project cost.

Q. I need to postpone or cancel my project.

A. Payments made to Pixel Remodel are nonrefundable. If you need to postpone your project, a new design schedule will be created for you at our earliest convenience and your project will be rescheduled due to the delay. If you would like to cancel the project, the initial deposit will cover our design time up to that point and the project will be discontinued.

Q. I noticed you will provide three rounds of changes for your design. What if I need more changes?

A. One round of changes means one email from you with a series of revision requests. Project revisions past the third round will result in a $50/hr hourly fee that will be added onto your final invoice. We will alert you if we get near that point; however, we can’t recall a time when a client has needed more than three rounds of changes, because we’re experts at closely listening to your needs & preferences.

Q. How do I make a payment to Pixel Remodel?

A. We accept checks, cashier’s checks, or cash payments. PayPal or credit card payments are also accepted, but will incur a 3% service charge to cover fees.

Q. What web browsers do you support?

A. We support the following platforms: Internet Explorer 7 & 8; and the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Opera.

Q. I want to get going! How do I start?

A. Send us an email or Request a Quote and we’ll get started!